Comtek Inc. was founded

Comtek (renamed Cokeva), an electronics repair company, was founded in 1989 by Ann Nguyen. Ann was a visionary in the industry and built her company around two fundamental principles, quality and customer service. By over-delivering results to a growing list of customers, the company began to earn a reputation as a trusted partner. Ann insisted on treating customers like family. This type of relationship enabled the company to help their customers navigate the turbulent aftermarket services industry. There were challenging economic cycles, ever-increasing service level requirements and rapidly changing technologies. At a time when there were many other repair companies, it was these same values and commitment to quality and customer service that kept the company growing.

Since the inception of the company in 1989 Cokeva has expanded into multiple industries, grown its service and logistics capabilities, and greatly expanded its customer base. Today, Cokeva is a global leader in the aftermarket repair & services industry. Cokeva is headquartered in Roseville, California and operates from a 220,000 square-foot plant, with the highest caliber service technicians and engineers in the industry. Given the “Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partner” award year after year, Cokeva is proud to be serving its customers with outstanding service and quality as a global technology leader.