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To maintain and expand our diverse workforce, we must promote an equitable and inclusive culture. How do we define “equity” and “inclusion”? In simple terms, equity means fairness — ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities to succeed, regardless of background or circumstance. Inclusion comes down to respect — ensuring that people can express their identity and bring their authentic selves to work while feeling valued, supported, and fully part of the team. Cokeva approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion with determination. We don’t claim to have all the answers, and we remain eager to learn from our employees, customers, and communities. Our company has made significant progress in recent years, but our aspirations are higher. DEI requires continuous improvement, because the world is constantly changing.





We promote a healthy balance between work and home

Our compensation and benefits package is designed to provide employees and their families
with health and wellness benefits, work-life balance and financial prosperity.





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