OEM Partnership for Technical Services

Cokeva is a third party depot repair provider. What this means is that Cokeva provides the behind the scenes repair of our customer’s products, for our customers.

The typical flow is that a unit will fail in the field and contact is made with the OEM. The OEM will then signal Cokeva to send the end user a replacement unit. This is called an “advance exchange”. After the end customer receives their replacement unit, they will then send the failed part to Cokeva, who will then repair the part and put it back into the service and support supply chain. Cokeva performs not only the “break fix” service, they also provide all the technical support that goes along with managing the repair activities. Cokeva will often develop the repair process as well as establish the database to capture the failure information. Critical to repairing products is providing root cause analysis of not only what is failing, but why it is failing. This allows our OEMs to continuously improve the quality of their products.