Our talented and technical engineering team has broad expertise and is highly experienced in product support and services. Whether expanding customer test and repair processes or developing a comprehensive support program for new product development, Cokeva’s engineering team provides the highest levels of expertise to drive customer projects.


Product Development Engineers

We bring engineering ideas to life. Cokeva Inc., is equipped with a team of highly competitive engineering repair process developers. Our experienced team is highly diverse and expert in various areas including advanced test software and automation development, custom test fixture development, proactive repair and failure analysis. Our engineers have experience with an expansive portfolio of product repair development, and are highly qualified to address new technologies critical to supporting customer growth.


Sustaining Engineers

Cokeva will continue to support your product from beginning to the end. We are staffed with highly trained sustaining engineers with a wide range of technical expertise. Our engineering team will ensure that your product maintains the highest levels of reliability and technology. Our sustaining engineers have various experiences with failure analysis, ECO implementations, component end of life support strategies, environmental testing, chassis reconditioning and custom quality reports. Together, our engineering team will provide you the expertise you need in driving projects from beginning to end.


Quality Engineers

Cokeva’s quality department establishes, implements and maintains our quality management systems to measure and assure quality in the production process. Our quality engineers establish quality standards to comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.  Engineering manages and coordinates the detailed documentation to Cokeva’s documentation system and ensures compliance across all processes and production activities. We use eQuantus, our quality system, to capture failure information for analyzing quality problems to identify root cause and recommend corrective action to our customers. We also provide failure data to our customers for their product improvement.

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