Defective Field Return Screening: Cokeva carefully tests all field returns to quickly assess what is truly defective and what is still functioning. If field technician or end-customer notes are available, Cokeva attempts to confirm the reported failure. If the reported failure can’t be found, Cokeva can apply advanced testing, including environmental chamber testing, to confirm the fault. Once properly screened, the returned part/product is repaired at the component level, tested again and returned to stock. If no fault can be found, these units are quickly returned to stock for re-use, cutting turnaround time and reducing both transportation costs and the associated inventory required.

Redistribution Screening: Often times, Cokeva’s customers will redistribute field spares that have been in stock for many months. These parts can be screened at Cokeva’s repair center to assure their functionality before disposition to another support location. This screening can involve updating the part/product to the latest revision.

Sales Demo Screening: Sales demo or “proof-of-concept” inventory is commonly used by a company’s sales staff. These units are often returned by sales or end-customers to be added to a pool of products available to the sales team. Cokeva understands the critical nature of these units and rapidly performs test and update services assuring that the sales team always has the latest and greatest functioning demo products. Cokeva will also repair any units if necessary.

CM Warranty Replacement Screening: Cokeva can manage warranty on behalf of our OEM customers. Cokeva sends the defective parts back to the contract manufacturer (CM) under warranty and will test replacement parts sent from the CM.

End Customer Warranty Returns Screening: Many companies have a free (no-questions-asked) return policy for a set number of days/weeks. These units must still be tested and repaired if required. Cokeva tests these units and applies all necessary updates before returning to stock.
After all testing and updating is complete, Cokeva has the ability to configure the unit specifically for an end-customer. Custom configuration could be in terms of hardware options installed and/or specific software for the end customer. Custom configuration demonstrates Cokeva’s flexibility and effectiveness as a partner.